New Urban College Model

It is time to believe in a new dream!!!The Highland Hills Neighborhood 98.9% of the community makes an average among of $24,000 a year making it almost impossible to attend college. There are 1153 Urban Colleges in America all face the same problems food deserts, under prepare students, and opportunity.  There are 23 million Americans who live in food deserts.

This is the time to change for a new urban school college model and Paul Quinn should be that model. Their mission statement is we over me the needs of the community out way the needs of the individual. The three E’s in serving leadership ethical leadership, educational leadership, and economics leadership. “If you can fund your dreams you don’t have a dream, you have a dream what the funder tell you that you have”.

Entrepreneurship/Innovation- The school has to start teaching the students how to be entrepreneurs instead of looking for jobs we want them to create them. Because if your from under resources communities someone is going to figure out how to make money providing needs to those communities. Why shouldn’t it be people from those communities? Paul Quinn has believe in another dream they cut their football program and use those funds to buy a farm. Which now produces over 20,000 pounds of food they help the community by giving 10% of that labour and the other half they sell to near by resturants. Oakwood University is another HBCU that is believing in another dream they now own two Edible Arrangements and they use funds to help students with college fees.

Experiential Learning- “Tell me and i forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”-Benjamin Franklin

Servant Leadership+Entrepreneurship+Experiential= The New Urban College Model


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