New Urban College Model

It is time to believe in a new dream!!!The Highland Hills Neighborhood 98.9% of the community makes an average among of $24,000 a year making it almost impossible to attend college. There are 1153 Urban Colleges in America all face the same problems food deserts, under prepare students, and opportunity.  There are 23 million Americans […]

The History and Importance of The HBCU experience

Knowledge was power, and virtually all slave codes established in the United States set restrictions making it illegal to educate slaves/African Americans. But after the Civil War, African American education blossomed. Black ministers and white philanthropists established schools all across the South to educate freed slaves. These schools, more than 100 of which are still open today, […]

Malcolm x who taught you to hate yourself!!

This speech/quote Malcolm X made is very powerful and important meanly to the African American community because every other race tend to in brace their beauty and culture. For some reason African American females hide their true beauty trending to be like other race. This is a problem that needs to be address when I enter […]